Mini Denture Implants: SnapFit Dentures - Mini-Denture Implant System

Mini-implants take care of common problems that denture wearers face. Slippery dentures can make eating difficult and can be embarrassing if they slip when you are with others. Dental & Dentures of Manchester uses a system of mini-implants known as Snapfit, an FDA-approved mini-implant denture system that can help secure dentures in place.

The results are great as dentures no longer slip. This means:

How Does The Snapfit Mini Denture Implant System?

The Snapfit system we offer is simple to use and what’s more, it is affordable.

Your dentist places miniature implant posts in your jawbone in a simple procedure that takes less than an hour. Once planted in place, they function like tooth roots that your dentures simply snap onto. Often, the dentist can use your existing dentures, which reduces the cost of the procedure. Once in place, your dentures look more natural, offering you the benefits listed above. Within a few hours of the procedure, you will be eating more naturally than you have in years.

Snapfit dentures literally snap into place. They allow you to remove your dentures and snap them back into place after cleaning without creams, adhesives, powders, and a whole lot of hoping that they will stay in place.

While the Snapfit system is a simple concept that is easy to use, dentists who install the system are highly trained. This is true at Dental & Dentures of Manchester, where our dental professionals are trained and experienced in all forms of modern dentistry. To explore the Snapfit option, contact our office today to set up an appointment for a consultation about the best treatment plan for you. We hope to see you soon.